Lester Group’s investment strategy is simple – selectively acquire prime commercial, industrial, and residential properties during anti-cyclical periods, achieve an ongoing rental income distribution to investors throughout the life of the investment and a capital gain upon disposal.

Lester Group has been able to execute a precise yet effective strategy through decades of experience within the industry, successfully growing the wealth of investors for two and a half decades. Throughout this time, Lester Group has developed its investment philosophy; a passion for excellence, with a focus on performance and commitment to deliver. This philosophy is centred around medium to long term asset retention.
Armed with an intimate knowledge of market conditions, the experienced team identifies and secures attractive investment options for their partners. These investments are managed and grown into sustainable, long-term financial assets. Lester Group’s approach is built on a proven, methodical and analytical process. Each property has a unique value add opportunity, which may involve improving the tenancy schedule and lease covenants, or refurbishment and development. This unique nature of property investment ensures investors will have the opportunity to diversify their investment risks and increase the reliability of returns.

Lester Group is the perfect partner with skill, scale and discipline. Partnering with like-minded people, carefully selecting and developing properties to produce solid and sustainable returns. With Lester Group, you will benefit from property experience and have an opportunity to invest.  Lester Group personally invests in every property offered to investors and manages all aspect of the property and investment.

There is no substitute for a strategic approach backed by decades of experience.

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A passion for excellence, performance focused and a commitment to deliver.

The Lester Group has been sustainably growing the wealth of its investors since 1995. They are known for being diligent, disciplined and responsible for the consistent delivery of value with an objective of maximising returns for investors.