Investing with Lester Group

Lester Group’s property syndicates are simple unit trust structures, typically owning just one property, but sometimes multiple properties.
We invite Sophisticated Investors including self-managed superannuation funds, family trusts and not-for-profit organisations to invest with us as partners.
Each new syndicate is structured and financed to suit the characteristics of the property, where the Lester Group is usually the largest investor in the syndicate and manages all aspects of the property and investment syndicate.
Syndicate member benefits include:
  1. Opportunities to invest into large-scale properties that may not be achieved by an individual investor;
  2. Building a diversified portfolio of Lester Group property investments;
  3. Drawing on the knowledge and experience of the Lester Group; and
  4. The Lester Family has a significant vested interest in each syndicate.
To receive information about the latest investment opportunity or if you are interested in finding our more about investing with the Lester Group, please call Russell Lester on +61 8 9423 5100 or register your interest online

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The Lester Group has been sustainably growing the wealth of its investors since 1995. They are known for being diligent, disciplined and responsible for the consistent delivery of value with an objective of maximising returns for investors.